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Delivering a rap workshop for SAA-UK

Delivering a rap workshop for SAA-UK

Philip Charles is the co-founder and Director of the PiPeLine Productions Academy for the HipHop Arts as well as the co-writer and co-director of RhymED. He founded PiPeLine Productions in 1999 as an independent Hip Hop label but reformed it as a freelance workshop collective in 2003 along with Marcus Lee.

Performing alongside Youth Music mentees at Bradford Playhouse

Performing alongside Youth Music mentees at Bradford Playhouse


Philip studied music in various forms at Newcastle University earning a first class bachelor’s degree in Popular & Contemporary Music and a Master’s degree in Music. Before this he received a Higher National Diploma in Music Production from Newcastle College.
While at University Philip developed his skills as both a producer and an MC, mainly developing his rap skills in order to have a reliable artist with whom he could work! He gigged countless times in Newcastle as well as performing in Bradford, Leeds, and London.


Upon returning to Bradford in 2003 Philip started working as a supply teacher, eventually working in most of the secondary schools in Bradford. Also in 2003 Philip and Marcus started working on collaborative songs as well as starting PiPeLine Productions, delivering rap workshops to schools and youth centres.
In 2005 Philip received interest from independent UK labels, eventually getting a visit from A&R representatives interested in his songs. This proved a dead end and Philip started working for Education Bradford as a Personal Adviser.
While working for Education Bradford, Philip continued to perform, write songs, and develop the workshop business which eventually became so busy that Philip was able to resign from his post at Education Bradford, going on to deliver workshops on a fulltime basis.


In 2006 Philip came up with the idea for rap revision guides. He partnered with Ben Goodwin on the creation of a marketable product in 2009/10 – RhymED,


completing the first phase of the project in 2013.In 2007 Philip wrote a business plan for the PiPeLine Productions Academy for the Hip Hop Arts. He was approached by Artworks Creative Communities with an aim of securing funding to deliver the project. In 2009, the partnership secured £100,000. The Academy, although in a smaller form than originally planned, was completed in the summer of 2012.


Freestyling in the courtyard at the Academy launch event

Freestyling in the courtyard at the Academy launch event

Philip’s current primary focus is RhymED and the further development of the Academy in Bradford.

As a freelance artist, Philip has delivered countless workshops across the country specialising in teaching rap, music technology, and facilitating in-depth discussions and fact finding sessions.

Hobbies: movies, reading, squash, salsa, DJing, teaching, learning, playing congas, sunshine.






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  2. Jemma Vause

    Hey Phillip

    Looking for some rap workshops for our year 3s. You still doing it?

    E mail me with some idea of cost so I can ask my head x

    Hope ur well?

    Jem x


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