Dominic Charles – Mathematics

Dominic Charles

Dominic Charles – Education Support Worker

Dominic was born and raised in Bradford into a family of technical and creative minded people. From the age of 13 he showed a keen interest in art however he started his educational focus in Micro Computer Systems Installation and Maintenance. While gradually learning how to build and repair personal computers he would under go weekly media activities that would would lay the foundations for creating a media focused mind.
After leaving school and failing to land employment in computer engineering, Dominic invested in some expensive digital recording equipment and built a new computer capable of manipulating photographs and editing/rendering videos in High Definition. Using this equipment he undertook contracted freelance work and improved the skills he already possessed by creating personal projects.

One day he came across an advertisement for a trainee technician at BBC Leeds. The duties involved video editing, graphic design, and studio filming, all of which were areas Dominic had a keen interest in. He didn’t think he would be successful in his application but applied anyway and remained hopeful. When he was informed that his application was successful and that he had been invited to attend an interview he was delighted but still doubtful due to the attendance of other interviewees; he had no formal qualifications relevant to the media industry other than his Art GCSE however he was able to demonstrate his keenness and understanding in the interview due to the previous freelance projects he had completed and the skills he learned while developing his hobby.

After working at the BBC, he decided that he wanted to further his knowledge and understanding in the field and therefore submitted an application in 2007 to Bradford College for a National Diploma in Interactive Media, level 3. During his studies he was able to demonstrate his skills further by landing straight distinctions in every project during the first year and landing a triple merit as a final grade.

At PiPeLine, Dominic is responsible for supporting pupils with their GCSE mathematics. He’s also involved in the video production side of things especially editing videos used to evidence pupils’ work.

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  1. Tamina Tariq

    Hi my name is Tamina, I work for the Oasis Project in Bradford, we provide temporary accommodation for women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse, we are a voluntary organization. I have heard about your good work and think this would be brilliant for the kids we work with. The children are aged between 5-14years old, we currently have 13 children. I hope you are able to offer your services to us.
    Kind Regards
    Oasis Project
    POBOX 617
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