PiPeLine Productions - Rap WorkshopsPiPeLine Productions has been providing fun, educational, and motivational workshops based on Urban music for over 10 years. Specialising in using the popular artforms of Rap poetry and Rap music, delivering Rap workshops, PiPeLine Productions reaches and teaches all people, both young in years, and young at heart. 

Philip Charles teaching

Founded in 2003, with experience that extends beyond this, we have developed educational programs that produce fantastic results, bringing the best out of participants, boosting their confidence, increasing their vocabulary, and using Rap to engage people, reversing the negative ideas of Rap so easily latched onto by today’s culture. Working with a diverse spectrum of people, from the hardest to reach children to education centre managers, from children in care to the teachers of tomorrow, we have created a workshop that achieves no matter who takes part.

“I had a fun time writing down what I felt in my lyrics. It’s a great experience and something I recommend.” TFD workshop participant

We tailor our workshops to the requirements of the client but as a guide (specifically for our Rap Workshops), for the younger age group (6-12 years) we deliver a fun, motivational workshop, more focused on vocal projection games and creating songs as a group. For ages above this we go in depth into song structure, writing, and performance techniques, with the aim of creating a finished CD and getting participants to perform on stage. The principles of Rap poetry, involving rhyme, syllables, synonyms etc. are taught to both age groups in much the same way.Our techniques, pioneered by us, have been developed over countless workshops enabling us to deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time. Our workshops are designed so that they can fit easily into a wide range of time requirements and formats giving us the versatility to adapt to our clients’ needs. The same approach is taken to our range of other workshops.

Philip Charles teaching at a YMM workshop

“One of the best workshops I have ever participated in.” Adult participant, Ignite Program – Ignite Evaluation 2006

We also provide adult training in a variety of situations. Our Rap workshops and music technology workshops have been used for corporate events, consultation exercises, team building, troubleshooting, and fact finding but also to teach adults how creativity can be used to engage young people. The workshops are also used to demonstrate good practice in working with young people. The focus of these workshops is not usually to teach adults to become rap workshop deliverers, rather to teach practice, analysis, and techniques that can be applied in a variety of situations and in a variety of ways.

Marcus Lee at the Academy for a film premier. Philip Charles behind the camera!As mentioned, the workshops have been used as part of extensive training programs such as the Ignite Program, Bradford Council’s Early Years Training Program, and Bradford College’s Foundation Degree for Creative Practitioners, but they can also be used to simply motivate and energise a workforce, almost as a form of participatory entertainment. An education goal is not always necessary; sometimes it’s good to just have fun!

“The presenters were brilliant…I loved how they broke it down and made it accessible and possible for us all. They were on the ball with technology – really prepared. Really knew their stuff.” Ignite participant