Health and Fitness KS4 – Synoptic project revision #2 (part 1 )

Learning objective: To be able to demonstrate your knowledge of unit 1 in a practical scenario

Nick’s instructions

  • I am going to tell you the brief back to you so that you remember to relate it back to the client.

You have decided that you want a career in the health and fitness industry and are now working as a health and fitness professional.
You have been asked to support a client who would like to improve their body composition and develop their power.
You are required to complete a lifestyle analysis to create a 4-week health and fitness programme for your client, which will improve these components of fitness. Your client is available to train two times a week.

-Task 1 A : Explore the different ways that body composition and power can be appropriately tested
– Task 1 B: Carry out and record results for one fitness test for body composition and one fitness test
for power with your client
– Task 1 C : Assess your client’s results.

  • This can be done in the same format as the other tasks.

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