Janice Holt

With over 20 years’ experience in various education settings, usually working with hard to reach young people, Janice delivers our English GCSE work as well as using her immense cooking skills to deliver creative therapies on a Thursday afternoon in the form of “cook & eat” sessions.

Having started with us in January 2017, she employs her extensive catering knowledge and experience to teach pupils how to conjure up their own culinary creations. But she doesn’t only use her skills for teaching; Janice will often bring in a wide variety of exciting and mouth watering dishes for staff and pupils to try. Great on the lips; a nightmare on the hips.

Based at our Keighley provision on a Thursday, the rest of the week Janice is based at our Bradford provision where she employs her years of experience to help young people get through their GCSE preparation. Engaging disengaged young people in English can be a tough and daunting task but as Janice has worked in the area of pupil engagement for such a long period, she is able to meet young people where they are and to give them a desire to learn the subject.