Off The Wall – Digital Graffiti

I had a spare couple of hours so I decided to give the Digital Graffiti system a good run around the block. I had initially planned to spend an hour or two creating a piece but in the end, this piece took about 30 minutes. It’s not without its issues but it does show the Digital Graffiti system fully at work. And the music in the background is off the wall.

Filmed on the Canon 60D

New Digital Graffiti Projection Screen

So a while back we invested in a new rear projection Digital Graffiti screen to replace our original homemade prototype. Not that I was unhappy with our original screen, it did the job, but it did look homemade and was a little bit of a faff to put up. The new screen we bought can, in theory, be set up very quickly…not that you’d know that from this video of the first time we set it up! We got there in the end and not the screen can be set up and ready to go inside 10 minutes!

Gun & Knife Crime – YOF Bid

Our Alternative Education pupils wanted to make a short film to education other young people in Keighley and Bradford about the dangers of Gun & Knife crime. So we submitted a funding bid to try bring in some money to make that happen. As part of the bid, a couple of our young people put together this short video talking about why they wanted the funding. All very ad-hoc and done off the cuff in the last 5 minutes of the day, this is the first bit of video output from our Alternative Education pupils…but it won’t be the last.
It also features music by one of our pupils, Loraib, rapping some Nicki Minaj lyrics to a beat made in the studio by a couple of other pupils, Callum and Hannah.