Childcare Feedback Unit 1 3.1 – Responsibilities in a workplace

Why do we need to have fire drills in a work placement?
to make sure the children know what to do if a fire actually happens
How can we keep the children safe and secure?
keep them together do a regdester check keep them calm
Who is in charge of administrating medicine and storing it in a early years setting?
the head teachers the teachers
Where should you store hazardous substances in an early years setting and why?
so when they get older they know what they are doing
Who is responsible for giving first aid in an early years setting?
so they dont panic , they know what they are doing in that situation

Good start Demi. Look back over the question about how to keep them safe and secure and think of things like camera’s, locked doors/gates. Actually things that can be put in place to keep the children safe. Also look at the question about storing hazardous substances. Where they should be kept and why? Who is responsible for giving first aid, you can use the internet to help with this.

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