Childcare Unit 1 3.1 Responsibilities in a placement feedback

Why do we need to have fire drills in a work placement?
To take safety precautions and be ready for a fire and have everyone counted for
How can we keep the children safe and secure?
By doing a register so they know who is there
Who is in charge of administrating medicine and storing it in a early years setting?
The nurse
Where should you store hazardous substances in an early years setting and why?
In a locked cupboard so the children cant get to it
Who is responsible for giving first aid in an early years setting?
The nurse

Good start Antonia, please could you go into more detail with each of the questions. Explain why it needs to be done, for example why we need to lock away hazardous substances. Look back over the question about how we can keep the children safe. Think of things such as camera’s, locked gates things like that

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