Welcome to the PiPeLine Productions Remote Learning Portal. Thank you for registering.

Nearly…But Not Quite There…YET! What’s Next?!

Although you’ve registered your username and password, you’re not quite there yet. You can browse the website, view lessons and various other bits. You can even make a start on some of the lessons. But your account won’t be fully ready until a member of staff has confirmed it is you and set up the final parts of your membership.

Once you’re fully confirmed, you’ll find that you have a personal Pupil Page under Remote Learning Resources>Pupil Feedback>Your initials.

This finally setup takes about 20 minutes but depends on a member of staff being available to do the work. So it can take 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Once your account is setup, you’ll see that your personal Pupil Page will be there.

So until that’s all ready, explore the site, visit the Pupil Instructions/Help pages to watch some short videos and read some instructions about how to use it. And check back frequently to see if your account is fully ready to go.